Customer Service - California CARB SMOG EO# Information

California CARB SMOG EO# Information

California SMOG CARB Information

Upgrading and installing OEM replacement parts to improve the performance of your vehicle to add horsepower and torque may render your ride illegal?

This could certainly be the case if you live in California or a state that adheres to the CARB clean air standards. But, that doesn’t mean you should give up your favorite American Muscle car or truck just yet for an electric car - No Way!

With some understanding of the CARB standard, you can keep your daily driver on the good side of the law and Mother Nature and get more horsepower and torque with California SMOG Legal Parts
BBK Performance are working closely with CARB (California Air Resource Board ) to get CARB EO# certifications on ALL BBK Performance Throttle Bodies, Cold Air Intake kits and exhaust sytems - as these are processed and approved the EO# (Executive Order number) will be added to our website database and the parts will be approved for sale.

The California Law

For years, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has been busy protecting the environment. At the same time, they’ve been busy confusing performance enthusiasts.
A classic example is when two performance parts seem to be identical, yet one is street legal and the other is not. How is this possible? Well, when an aftermarket accessory is designed, the manufacturer has the option to have it tested by an independent lab.

If the part increases a vehicle’s emission above factory specifications, it’s considered illegal for use on public roads in states that have adopted the CARB emissions standard.
Also, if the part removes or relocates a sensor, it’s not CARB-exempt period.

Here’s why: any shift in a sensor’s position may have an adverse effect on emissions and renders the part illegal, unless the test proves otherwise.

CARB Exempt Parts

On the other hand, if a CARB-exempt accessory passes rigorous testing without harming emissions, it receives a CARB executive order (EO) number. These BBK Performance products include a sticker, metal tag or have the EO number stamped directly on them – a universal symbol stating that they’re legal.

As a word of caution, before taking your car in for a smog check, be sure to have these numbers in plain view for the smog tech to see.

Exhaust headers, superchargers and turbochargers are prime examples of upgrades that seriously increase your capability and performance but can come in on both sides of CARB rules and regulations. So, it’s important to verify that the specific product you’re interested in comes with an EO number before you purchase. In order to verify whether or not a part in question is legal for use, CARB has a list of accessories and performance parts in the CARB Legal Add-on or Modified Parts Database where you can look up the part to be sure.
CARB Certified Parts

Luckily, parts that are normally replaced at service intervals, such as oil filters, spark plugs and K&N air filters that fit in your factory air box don’t require certification. Keep in mind that while CARB-certified parts can be pricier than “off-road use only” accessories due to the testing costs, they give you the ability to enjoy your modified vehicle on public highways and roads. And, BBK has a wide variety of 49-state and 50-state legal performance parts, so you have plenty of upgrade options.

BBK Performance Also manufactures parts as "OFF ROAD for RACE use ONLY"

These parts are NOT EPA STREET LEGAL in ANY state in the USA and will not be submitted for any approval - any purchase of these items is for race use ONLY

We recommend that vehicles equipped with parts designated "for off road use" not be operated on the public roads and offers such parts ONLY for Race track or off-road competitive or performance use.