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Published 05/05/2016

BBK Performance At Mustang Week 2016

We are excited to announce BBK Performance will be attending Mustang week 2016 with our display truck and trailer.
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New Video Production

Published 04/25/16

Dyno Testing & In House Video Production

Our New 2015-16 Mustang GT, V6 and Ecoboost parts have proved to be very popular with new owners of the new S550 Mustang and we are now tooling up production of our new 2015-16 Mustang Ecoboost power plus series throttle body
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New Video Release

published 04/13/2016

2015-16 Mustang GT Shorty Tuned Length Headers Dyno Test & Install Video

We got some great horsepower and torque numbers recently when we installed a set of BBK Shorty Tuned length headers on our 2015 Mustang GT shop car
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Ford F150 5.4L

published 02/26/15

Free Cold Air Intake Kit

We are looking for a 2009-2010 Ford F150 5.4L (MUST BE 5.4L) for a final test fit of a cold air kit #1830
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New Video Release

Published 02/24/2016

2010-15 Camaro Cold Air Installation Video Just Released

Take a first look at our new "Quick Wrench" Installation Video series 2010-15 Camaro V8 Power Plus Series Cold Air Intake System.
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2016 Camaro

Published 01/20/16

New 2016 Camaro Parts

We had the opportunity to get a new 2016 Camaro SS in the shop this week to take a look around.
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Detroit Auto Show

Published 01/13/16

Ford GT News From Detroit

As many of you may know the Ford GT was announced last year to much fanfare and now things are starting to happen
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Follow Us - Social Media

Published 12/21/2015

Follow Us On Social Media

Want to stay up to speed with what is going on in the automotive world and what is happening at BBK Performance?
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Petersen Museum Visit

Published 102/08/2015

Preview Day At The New Petersen Museum

This week one of the finest automotive museums re-opened after a 14 month $90 million dollar renovation
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New Mustang Parts

Published 11/19/2015

2015-16 Mustang V6 Power-Plus Cold Air Kits - In Stock

These great looking BBK Performance Power-Plus series cold air intake kits are designed as a direct replacements for the restrictive factory intake.