BBK Tuner / Cold Air
Published 06/23/2015

BBK Cold Air Tuner Kits For Ford Mustang GT Applications

2005-2014 Ford Mustang GT owners take another look at how you can get the most horsepower and torque out of your BBK performance parts - with our Money Saving Cold Air / Tuner Kits.

Now you can add even more performance to your favorite 2005-14 Mustang GT with one of our new BBK performance cold air and performance tuner combo kits.

Our BBK cold air kits are number one with Mustang enthusiasts and will and add a huge increase in airflow to the engine. All BBK Power Plus series performance cold air intakes are tested and dyno proven for maximum performance. All BBK kits completely replace the restrictive stock factory air box and tubing and are designed and tested to provide the maximum airflow possible to increase throttle response and acceleration of your Mustang GT.

These kits include the cold air of your choice plus a BBK/SCT X4 tuner is included that has all the regular features and tunes the X4 provides, plus it now includes all NEW BBK performance custom tunes that have been custom written and dyno tuned to provide you with Maximum horsepower and driveability for ALL our 2005-14 BBK performance Mustang parts, that includes: throttle bodies, Cold Air Intakes, exhaust headers and all of our X pipe exhaust systems.

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