BBK Fuel Regulators
Published 10/10/2017

BBK Fuel Pressure Regulators

BBK Adjustable fuel pressure regulators allow owners of 1986-1997 Ford Mustang V8's to fine tune fuel pressure to the engine for additional horspower.

Adjust the fuel pressure on any 1986-1997 Ford V8 with one of these direct fit BBK Performance adjustable fuel pressure regulators.

Simply remove the stock OEM non adjustable regulator and replace with one of these great looking BBK billet fuel pressure regulators.

They are a great way to tune your Mustang to obtain optimum air / fuel ratios and achieve a few more horsepower.

Each BBK fuel pressure regulator is made from high quality CNC machined billet aluminum with a long lasting anodized blue finish.

Each unit is hand assembled with a precision leak free diaphragm that will allow fuel pressure adjustment to approximately 65psi.

All units are pressure tested at the factory.

Tuning is accomplished with the simple twist of a screw.

Part#1706 fits all 1986-1993 Ford V8

Part#1707 fits all 1994-1997 Ford V8

Blue Anodized finish

Fully Adjustable 35-65PSI

Direct Fit for all Ford V8 applications.

Made In The USA

BBK also offer a fuel pressure regulator overhaul kit Part # 1914 to fit all BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulators Part # 1706 and 1707.

Kits Include

  • A New Diaphram

  • A New Spring And Hardware To Complete The Installation

  • Part # 1914 - Fuel Pressure Regulator Rebuild Kit Please Note: Will Only Fit BBK Fuel Pressure Regulators
    (regulators shown here are NOT included - Only diaphragm, spring, spring base disc and screws)

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