Final Camaro Images
Published 05/11/2015

Sixth Generation Camaro Exterior Images

The final teaser shots of the long awaited sixth generation Camaro were released this morning on the 2016 Camaro website ahead of this saturday's full launch of the new Camaro infront of thousands of fans and a throng of the world's automotive press.

These final images give us a great look at the front of the car as well as some awesome detail shots of important body panel components

What you see in the first image here is the top half of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. If you look closely, hidden within that distinctive Camaro silhouette are aerodynamic changes that Chevy claims will reduce lift without increasing drag. These upgrades come courtesy of 350 hours of wind tunnel testing, with “literally hundreds” of variations checked.

According to Kirk Bennion - Exterior design manager "The importance of aerodynamics increases exponentially as we increase vehicle performance. As engine output increases, we need more engine cooling. As acceleration and top speeds climb, we need to reduce lift for better high-speed stability. However, we cannot make any changes at the expense of increasing drag, which can hurt fuel economy"

The designers original styling called for the lower grille to be set at a 20-degree angle, however after testing it was concluded that 13-degrees was optimal, giving a one per cent increase in airflow.

The front air dam was also removed and swapped for a flush belly pan that stretches to the center of the car, and contains slats forward of the front wheels to reduce lift by 30 per cent, as well as reducing drag.

The 2016 Camaro will be revealed this Saturday, May 16th, at a special event at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.