BBK Fuel Pumps
Published 10/27/2017

High Flow BBK Fuel Pumps For Mustang EFI Applications

BBK Performance now offer direct fit replacement / upgrade fuel pumps for all 1986-2010 Mustang applications.

Finally we have Mustang owners covered with direct replacement fuel pump upgrades for all 1986-2010 Ford Mustangs

Owners who simply need to replace or upgrade a fuel pump can do so with one of our direct replacement kits, no modifications are required and all our pumps are direct fit with all new gaskets, wiring and connectors/clamps.

Our Mustang fuel pumps for 1986-1997 models are available in 110 Liter per hour, 155 liter per hour, 190 liter per hour or our popular high performance 255 liter per hour pump for high horsepower modified applications, especially turbo, supercharged or nitrous applications.

Our new 1998—2004 and 2005- 2010 Ford Mustang V6 or GT are variable flow fuel pumps and are a great replacement fuel pump or upgrade to replace your factory in tank electric fuel pump.

All these newer BBK Performance Mustang fuel pumps are a variable flow fuel pump unit that will flow up to around 300 liters per hour or 80 gallons per hour whic is ample fuel for nearly every performance Mustang up to around 800 HP

Watch our video that shows how to install one of our pumps on a SN95 model Mustang - the same installation holds true for most models except 05-10 models for which we are producing another video soon.

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