Hellcat Orders Cancelled
Published 07/28/2015

Dodge Cancels Remaining 2015 Hellcat Orders To Focus On 2016 Production

The wildly popular "Hellcat Twins" have proved to be too popular for the Fiat Chrysler Dodge Group and they have made a decision that has alot of hopeful 2015 Mopar enthusiasts upset.
“For the 2016 model year, we’re starting fresh,” Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand head, told Automotive News. Canceling customer orders “is probably not what they want to hear, but we’re going to do it so that we have a fresh, clean slate going forward with everything that we learned in 2015.”

To prevent the same sort of situation in the future, Dodge will be telling dealers exactly how many Hellcats they’ll be getting. Once the dealership sells out of their allocation, they won’t be getting anymore, plain and simple - SOLD OUT at that dealership.

Dodge will give a voucher to all 2015 customers who had their orders cancelled but that voucher will be for factory pricing only.

We are looking forward to seeing these "Cats" down here at BBK - We hear that BBK Perofrmance Hellcat long tube exhaust headers, throttle bodies and cold air intakes are already in the works.

Stay tuned for more information soon.