More "Cuda" News
Published 08/28/2015

Is The Barracuda Really Coming Back

Earlier this week the Fiat Chrysler Auto Group held a number of" Closed Door" dealer meeting in Las Vegas where they teased their dealers with news of their new upcoming models.
It appears that the big news was real confirmation of a new Barracuda that will be sold by Dodge as the likely replacement for its Challenger muscle car.
Another possibility was also rumored to be the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk which has a lot of people excited including all the Jeep enthusiasts here at BBK.
One really interesting thing that everyone is talking about is the fact that as previously reported the new Charger will ride on the rear-wheel-drive platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.
This platform will also be used for the new Barracuda that will also be available in a convertible so we hear, again its still all in the "rumor mill" but we are hopeful that Muscle car fans will see some new American Muscle nameplates back on the street in the next year or two.