Gas Monkey Pantera
Published 11/15/2017

BBK Performance Power Plus Series Throttle Body Featured On Gas Monkey Pantera at SEMA 2016

Take a look at this awesome 1972 Pantera that has been transformed into a modern day sports car with a 3.5L twin turbo Ecoboost swap and a BBK Power-Plus Throttle body to help add some more ponies.

Back in 1972 The Italian motor company De Tomaso approached the Ford Motor company to partner and build a "Super Car" after a deal with Ferrari fell through. The result was a partnership that lasted 5 years and the De Tomaso Pantera.

The car was fitted with Fords very powerful (at the time 330HP) 351 V8 that was very popular back in the early seventies and the car sold for around $10,000 at dealerships. Today these Panteras can fetch north of $100,000 depending on various factors.

Richard Rawlings found this particular car in San Diego right down the street from the BBK Headquarters in Temecula.

After getting it back to the Gas Monkey garage in Texas the the crew at Gasmonkey had other ideas for this classic by tearing it apart and rebuilding it to perfection with a 3.5L V6 Ford twin turbo Ecoboost engine.

After getting everything up and running Arron decided it needed to flow more air with all the additional boost.

Thats when a BBK Performance Power Plus Throttle Body Part# 1822 was ordered up and sent over to the Monkey's in Dallas.

The guys called us and said they could not be happier with it and that it really worked well to help flow additional air and they were suprised how easy it was just to bolt on and go !

Obviously there was some tuning done to help everything run smoothly - but we were excited again to see the car at the SEMA show the other week.

Now this Pantera is sett to go to the next Barrett Jackson auction in 2017 - probably Scottsdale AZ is our guess - any guesses to what it will go for?

Click Here To See BBK Part # 1822 Used In This Build 

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