New Caster Camber Kit
Published 01/16/17

2015 -2017 Mustang Caster Camber Plate Kits Now Available In Stock

Want better handling from your 2015-17 Mustang or are you thinking of lowering it - If so these new BBK Caster Camber plates are what you need.

Are you a racer or a corner carver? Do you like want your tires to last as long as possible? If so then we highly recommend installing a set of BBK caster camber plates on your S550 Mustang GT or V6.

As you lower your Mustang, especially if you lower it too much, the top of the wheels will tilt inwards.

This is called negative camber and it will eventually cause the inside of the tires to wear prematurely and shorten the life of the front tires.

To prevent and correct this situation you need to install a set of caster camber plates. These will actually improve front end grip and cornering as well at the same time.

These plates install in a couple of hours and can also be used on non-lowered cars to improve all around handling of your Mustang.

These caster camber plates will allow for approx. 1.75 degrees of camber adjustment and approx. 1.0 degree of caster (movement towards the windshield) to get your alignment to spec.

These BBK kits are manufactured with top quality components - machined billet CNC Aircraft grade Aluminum as well as PTFE lined spherical bearings and industrial spec hardware.

Improve the stability of your Mustang when cornering and get your car up to spec with these new BBK caster camber kits - Now Available In Stock

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