New 2018 Mustang
Published 03/27/2017

New 2018 Ford Mustang Models Rumored

The 2018 Ford Mustang was announced back in mid-January along with the new lighting and style features.

Ford also informed us that the V6 engine option will be dropped from their new 2018 lineup.

Fast forward to this week and word is going around about some potential new Mustang models possibly a new Bullitt Mustang and maybe just maybe a new Boss 302.

A new press photo for the updated 2018 Mustang Interior was released and it hints at a Mustang Boss 302.

From what we have read in the press it was one of our BBK Performance dealers on the east coast CJ Pony Parts who were the first to notice some thing unusual about one of Fords interior shots for the 2018 Mustang - Ford had placed a fifth-generation Mustang Boss 302 in the background. (Top Left)

It Seems that auto makers love to continually challenge the automotive community with these “hidden messages” in their promotional videos and photos

Take a look at the Shot that seems to also show a new 2018 Bullit Mustang in the background photo on a recent Ford Video Set when Dwayne the Rock Johnson announced the new 2018 Mustang..

So why would Ford place another car in the photo, let alone a fifth-gen Boss 302, if there wasn’t something more to it?

Well maybe there is we will have to wait and see for now.

Stay Tuned for more soon.