Ford v Chevy v Dodge
published 06/05/2017

Mustang V Camaro V Challenger Sales Results YTD

May 2017 sales numbers are in for the "American Muscle" cars of choice - click to see the details and graphs.

The sales numbers for Ford Mustangs were just released by the Ford Motor Company and the sales results show that the S550 Mustang continues to lead the "Pony Car" wars even with the 2018 Model refresh just around the corner.

After we saw the new Gen6 Chevrolet Camaro take its first monthly sales title of 2017 in April, the Ford Mustang came back for the win in May, beating both the Camaro and the Dodge Challenger and pulling out to a bigger lead in the annual sales numbers.

The Ford Mustang was off 23.5 percent to 7,895 over the same period last year but still edged out the Chevrolet Camaro, that was up up 34.6 percent to 7,841 in Pony Car Wars. The Dodge Challenger closed in, up 2 percent to 6,989.fueled by the Dodge Demon release in New York in April.

The S550 Mustang is still however off over sales YTD over last year: 2016 YTD 53,189 - 2017 YTD 38,422 that reflects a downward trend of -27.8%

These numbers could reflect the fact that consumers are holding off for the new 2018 refresh on the Mustang, while Camaro fans will have to wait another year to see any changes to the Gen6 Camaro which will have some new styled body panels for the 2019 model year.

More on the new Camaro as and when we see it released.