Published 09/01/2017

BBK Performance Is Now A Platinum Data Level Member

As an automotive aftermarket manufacturer getting good product information to our WD's and all of our dealers.
See Brian Murphy talk about the benefits Of good data and why it is key to amke sales growin this short video.

As a manufacturer we understand the importance of good data and the more data we can supply our customers the better. That’s why the BBK Performance team went to work to obtain better grades with the SEMA Data SDC.

Brian Murphy CEO discusses the benefits of SEMA data and why have good data is import these days.

All of this data which includes:

  • Product Information

  • Product Fitment

  • Product Features

  • Product Description

  • product installation

  • Product Images

  • Product Video

  • We also include required parts and recommended parts the list goes on - it’s all about the quality and amount of data we can supply.

    All of this information is then used to populate dealers websites and computer systems - which allow sales staff to get all the information they need to help inform their customers.

    SEMA recently qualified BBK Performance as a "Platinum Level" data supplier for all of our BBK products - This data is available to all current and new dealers that have a current BBK 2017/18 signed Dealer agreement in place and on file