1979-95 Ford Mustang Heavy Duty Adjustable Clutch Cable & Double Hook Quadrant Kits

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1979-95 Mustang Adjustable Clutch Cable & Double Hook Quadrant (Does NOT include firewall adj)


1979-95 Mustang Adjustable Clutch Cable & Double Hook Quadrant & Firewall Adjuster

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1979-95 Ford Mustang Adjustable Clutch Quadrant And Cable Kits

Stock Mustang Clutch Cables Are The Weak Link On The 1979-1995 Ford Mustang And Can Cause Clunky Missed Gear Shifts After Time. We Recommend The Installation Of A BBK Heavy Duty Mustang Adjustable Clutch Cable And Quadrant And Firewall Adjuster Kit Especially After Installing A New Clutch:

All BBK Performance Kits Include A CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Double Hook Quadrant And Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty Cable For Accurate Clutch Cable Adjustment. These BBK Heavy Duty Adjustable Clutch Cable & Quadrant Kits Eliminate Sticky Shifts And Hard To Find Reverse Gears. The BBK Cable Is A Hard Cased Heavy Duty Adjustable Teflon Lined Cable For Smooth Operation; The Billet Quadrant Is Designed To Replace The Weak Stock Plastic Quadrant That Breaks Easily Especially When Installing A Heavy Duty After Market Clutch That Requires Additional Pedal Pressure.

These kits will also work on ALL stock applications to give more adjustability. The BBK Cable is a hard cased heavy duty adjustable cable and aluminum quadrant, that are designed to replace the weak stock plastic quadrant that breaks easily especially when installing a heavy duty after market clutch that requires additional pedal pressure.

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For even more adjustability, we recommend a BBK kit that includes a billet aluminum firewall adjuster. Part# 15055 or the firewall adjuster is available on its own Part# 15050

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