1994-04 Ford Mustang Parts

What appeared in 1994 was an all new Mustang clearly influenced by the styling themes of Mustangs past. The SN95 Ford Mustang still had the familiar 5.0 liter pushrod engine with a revised intake manifold and throttle body set up but it also had great new styling, there was the galloping horse in the grille, the side scallop reappeared and the taillights were split into three segments (albeit horizontally instead of vertically). Inside, the cockpit featured a twin-pod dashboard that recalled the dashes used between '64 1/2 and '73. Only two body styles were now offered, a two-door coupe with a semi fastback roof and a convertible, availalble as a V6 with a 3.8L engine, GT or LX with the 5.0L engine and the Cobra also with a performance HO 5.0L engine. The new SN95 Ford Mustang still used the Fox platform which was thoroughly reinforced for the 1994 and 1995 Mustang, but the basic modified MacPherson strut front and coil sprung solid rear axle returned intact. Four-wheel disc brakes were now used throughout the line with ABS optional. In 1995 we saw a the limited release of the white Cobra R with a 351 engine. In 1996 the Ford Mustang GT saw the introduction of the new 4.6L Overhead cam engines and the Cobras were treated to a new 4.6l DOHC engine. The Mustang was restyled in 1999 with more refined sharper lines which would prevail through 2004 as would the engines, then it was time for a complete new body style and chassis.

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94-04 Mustang Cold Air Kits Read More

94-04 Mustang Cold Air Kits

Increase air flow, throttle response and acceleration on any 94-04 Fox body Ford Mustang V6, GT or Cobra with a BBK Cold air Intake kit or cold air induction system as they are called by some enthusiasts. BBK Cold air systems are offered in the standard chrome finish or the for 2012 the new Black out series. Each Kit replaces your Mustang V6, GT or Cobra factory air box and can be installed simply and easily with simple hand tools in about half and hour with no other modifications. All BBK cold air kits will add a good 10-15 horsepower depending on application and no tune is required.
94-04 Cold Air Filters Read More

94-04 Cold Air Filters

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and your BBK high flow cotton air filter included with your BBK Cold Air kit can get damaged - if that happens here we offer direct replacement filters for your Mustang kit that will fit exactly as the original and give you more of that free flowing cool air to help get the most horsepower out of your favorite 94-04 Ford Mustang V6, GT, or Cobra.
94-04 Mustang Throttle Body Read More

94-04 Mustang Throttle Body

BBK performance is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket performance Mustang throttle bodies that increase airflow for improved throttle response and acceleration. Every Mustang 94-04 Mustang V6, GT or Cobra throttle body is built to exceed OEM standards and as with every BBK performance product, they are direct fit replacement parts with no modifications or tune required that can be installed by any one with simple hand tools. These throttle bodies are available to fit all 94-04 Ford Mustang V6, GT, 5.0 and 4.6L and All 4.6L-4V Cobra Mustangs various sizes depending on your current modifications.
94-04 Throttle Body Gaskets Read More

94-04 Throttle Body Gaskets

Quality Gaskets are a must to seal and stop any vacuum leaks between your intake manifold and throttle body. These gasket sets are direct replacement high quality and offer peace of mind when you replace any intake manifold or Throttle body. All Kits include required Gaskets for installation on all 94-04 V6, GT or Cobra Ford Mustangs.
94-04 Mustang Pulley Kits Read More

94-04 Mustang Pulley Kits

Simply replacing the stock Mustang front accessory pulley system will net around 10 horsepower on any Mustang and that’s a fact that is proven every time on the dyno. Its a cheap and simple way to make horsepower – simply replace the stock water pump, alternator and crank pulley with a set of beautiful BBK lightweight polished CNC machined billet aluminum performance underdrive pulleys and you will have more horsepower guaranteed! These Performance under drive pulley kits are available for all – 94-04 Ford Mustang V6, GT and Cobra 5.0 and 4.6L 2V, 4V.
94-04 Mustang Mass Air Meter Read More

94-04 Mustang Mass Air Meter

When modifying your 5.0 or 4.6L Mustang with aftermarket performance cylinder heads, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, headers, exhaust etc you adding a lot more air, you will need to add more fuel to stop the engine running lean by adding bigger fuel injectors. All modern EFI cars use mass air meters to measure the amount of air entering the engine so the ECU can send the right amount of fuel for correct combustion - Mustang mass air meters must be calibrated for the size of injectors and also any changes in airflow - Take a look at our BBK 94-04 Mustang Mass Air Flow sensors here.
94-04 Mustang Fuel Rail Kits Read More

94-04 Mustang Fuel Rail Kits

Are you thinking of adding a supercharger or running nitrous oxide on your 94-04 Mustang GT. If so, you will find a lean condition because the stock fuel rails will not flow enough fuel to the injectors. You will need to upgrade. Manufactured and machined from lightweight billet aluminum these BBK Performance Mustang high flow billet fuel rails will supply every drop of fuel to your injectors to ensure that you never get into a lean situation and blow a motor. These beautiful Ford blue anodized high flow 94-04 Ford Mustang GT fuel rails are direct fit easy installation and include all required hardware and fittings for an easy installation
94-97 Fuel Pressure Regs Read More

94-97 Fuel Pressure Regs

Fine tune your fuel delivery on your favorite 94-97 Mustang GT or Cobra and get every last bit of horsepower possible by adjusting the fuel pressure that is delivered to the injectors. These BBK performance direct fit adjustable fuel pressure regulators replace the factory Mustangs non adjustable sealed regulator on your Mustangs factory fuel rail with a couple of screws. They are adjustable simple by screwing the threaded insert in or out to increase or decrease and then set with a lock nut. Be sure to purchase our fuel pressure gauge Part #1617 to monitor adjustment correctly.
94-04 Fuel Pressure Gauge Read More

94-04 Fuel Pressure Gauge

This BBK Fuel pressure gauge mounts directly to the factory fuel rail on any 94-04 Ford Mustang GT or Cobra. The gauge comes with an adapter that allows it to be screwed into the fuel rails pressure relief schrader valve be sure to use some teflon tape to help seal the rail from any leaks. Now you can monitor the fuel pressure from 0-60 psi and adjust your Mustangs fuel pressure regulator to achieve optimum performance - this is great if you are going to tune your car on a dyno and have a chip burned
94-04 Mustang Fuel Pumps Read More

94-04 Mustang Fuel Pumps

The usual performance modifications made to 94-04 Mustang GT’s and Cobra’s that include cylinder head swaps, upgraded camshafts, intakes manifolds, exhaust, cold airs , throttle bodies etc will add around a lot of horsepower. The stock in tank fuel pump will not provide enough fuel to support this additional horsepower - that's why BBK offer 3 versions of direct replacement in tank electric fuel pumps for the earlier 5.0 GT's LX and Cobra Mustangs including 96 and 97 Mustang GT and Cobra with fuel return systems. We also have a great how to video to watch for a trouble free install.
94-95 Phenolic Spacer Kits Read More

94-95 Phenolic Spacer Kits

Looking for a few extra ponies out of your favorite 94-95 GT Mustang? Phenolic spacers lift the upper intake manifold off the super heated engine to lessen the transfer of heat. Both the intake manifold and engine block are aluminum so the high heat transfers very quickly. These 3/8” phenolic material spacers stop that. The cooler the intake charge the more HP and TQ your engine will make. The material is non heat transferring and will help make more power - available for all stock 94-95 Mustang 5.0 intake manifolds as well as from Trickflow, Edelbrock Performer, Ford GT40.
94-04 Mustang Header Gaskets Read More

94-04 Mustang Header Gaskets

As a Leading American designer and manufacturer of performance exhaust headers and exhaust systems for the popular American Muscle cars of today including the popular 94-04 Mustang V6, GT and Cobras 5.0 and 4.6L. All BBK Exhaust Header Kits include standard Header gaskets but to keep up with today's higher running temperature engines BBK now offer an upgrade of 2 additional materials to make sure that your 94-04 Mustang exhaust headers never leak. We now offer premium graphite and Multi layer stainless steel to ensure a leak free seal for your Mustang V6, GT or Cobra exhaust headers
94-04 Mustang Long Tubes Read More

94-04 Mustang Long Tubes

BBK Have been manufacturing Mustang exhaust headers since 1988, We all know the benefit of improving the exhaust flow and on most Mustang street cars shorty headers will be sufficient - 94-04 Mustang GT and Cobra owners looking for even more performance should choose a set of these BBK Mustang long tube full length headers in 1-5/8 diameter tubing to add even more horsepower and torque. The benefits of these long tubes on your Mustang can be felt immediately especially if you have a built engine or are installing a supercharger or nitrous oxide. Available in a Chrome or Silver ceramic finish
94-04 Short Mid X Pipes Read More

94-04 Short Mid X Pipes

Required when Installing any set of BBK 94-04 Mustang GT or Cobra long tube full length headers on your street or race Mustang you will need a matching high flow short X pipe to complete the installation and allow everything to bolt up to your Mustang's cat back exhaust system. These 1994 -2004 Ford Mustang GT and Cobra short mid X pipes work well with straight through mufflers as opposed to chambered mufflers like flowmaster they flow slightly higher than an H pipes- They are manufactured with the same 2.5 inch mandrel bent tubing and stamped center X section and work with all BBK applicable full length Mustang headers, they are available in Off road race use only or with 49 state legal catalytic converters for street use (where applicable, Check Your applicable State Law before installing)
94-04 Short Mid H Pipes Read More

94-04 Short Mid H Pipes

Required when Installing any set of BBK 94-04 Mustang GT or Cobra long tube full length headers on your street or race Mustang you will need a matching high flow short H pipe to complete the installation and allow everything to bolt up to your Mustang's cat back exhaust system. These 1994 -2004 Ford Mustang GT and Cobra short mid H pipes work well with chambered mufflers as opposed to the slightly higher flowing X pipes- They are manufactured with the same 2.5 inch mandrel bent tubing and work with all BBK applicable full length Mustang headers, they are available in Off road race use only or with 49 state legal catalytic converters for street use (where applicable, Check Your applicable State Law before installing)
94-04 Wire Harness Ext Read More

94-04 Wire Harness Ext

Most Mustang 5.0 or 4.6L GT & Cobra Full Length long tube exhaust headers relocate the EFI O2 sensors to a different location one on each Long tube and then one more on each side of the short mid pipe. The stock 94-04 Mustang O2 wire harness will not reach so rather than have to cut into your Mustang's wire harness and extend them to reach, simply get a set of these BBK Mustang wire harness extensions, they use factory Ford OEM connectors and simply plug in to allow everything to reach. Simple & Easy!
94-04 Header Bolts & Studs Read More

94-04 Header Bolts & Studs

Premium Mustang header bolt kits and collector stud kits are available here separately for those of you re-installing your 94-04 Mustang exhaust headers or if you have lost a few due to a header bolt not being tightened properly and backing out or if you have inadvertently stripped out a header stud when installing your headers. These will work on all Ford Mustang most Ford Mustang 302 / 351W and 4.6L 2v and 4v BBK Performance long tube exhaust header applications
94-04 Shorty Headers Read More

94-04 Shorty Headers

All BBK exhaust headers are designed and built in America and 94-95 Mustang V6, GT and Cobra shorty headers are CARB approved SMOG legal in all 50 states. 94-04 Mustang GT, Cobra BBK exhaust headers improve airflow for increased horsepower and torque over stock and offer direct bolt on compatibility to the rest of your Mustangs factory exhaust system . These Mustang 1-5/8 headers are CNC mandrel bent for unrestricted flow and are available in shorty unequal length or shorty equal length styles in chrome or silver ceramic finishes - all kits include new header gaskets and header bolts for installation.
94-04 Mustang X Pipes Read More

94-04 Mustang X Pipes

94-04 Mustang GT and Cobra direct replacement high flow X pipes for stock or aftermarket shorty headers. Manufactured from 2 1/2" CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing for unrestricted flow they are available in high flow off road X pipes for race use only or with 49 state legal high flow catalytic converters to improve your Mustangs exhaust flow and increase horse power and performance. *High Flow Mustang X pipes with converters and OFF ROAD X PIPES are NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR INSTALLATION IN CALIFORNIA - OFF ROAD are not street legal in any state.
94-04 Mustang H Pipes Read More

94-04 Mustang H Pipes

Direct replacement high flow H pipes for all 94-04 Mustang GT and Cobras, These H pipes will fit all stock and aftermarket shorty headers. Manufactured from 2 1/2" CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing for unrestricted exhaust flow they are available with high flow 49 state catalytic converters or as an off road H pipe with no converters for race use only. These BBK 94-04 H pipes will increase horse power and performance on your favorite Mustang. Please Note H pipes will be a better choice for Mustangs running a Flowmaster Muffler or cat back system.*High Flow Mustang H pipes with converters and OFF ROAD H PIPES are NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR INSTALLATION IN CALIFORNIA - OFF ROAD are not street legal in any state.
94-04 Clutch Cable Kits Read More

94-04 Clutch Cable Kits

If you have own a performance 94-04 Mustang GT, LX or Cobra chances and you have installed a heavy duty performance clutch kit to handle your additional horsepower you will need to install one of these 94-04 Mustang heavy duty clutch quadrants and adjustable clutch cable kits to replace your OEM factory set up. The all new BBK double adjustable billet quadrant replaces the weak factory non adjustable plastic unit and the heavy duty adjustable cable allows you to adjust your Mustangs clutch pedal to bite exactly where you want it to off the floor and best of as time goes by and the clutch disc and cable wear – you can re adjust the tension to take up any slack.
94-04 Mustang Short Shifters Read More

94-04 Mustang Short Shifters

The BBK Pro Plus Series Gripp Shifter gives 94-04 Ford Mustang enthusiasts unmatched quality and performance at a great price. This Short throw T5/T45 shifter has CNC machined billet aluminum main body construction with extra strong adjustable shift stops to prevent over shifts. Another unique feature of this Mustang billet shifter is the adjustable multi position location that allows for a 2 position mounting for preferred shift and throw clearance. The Gripp Shifter fits all 94-04Mustang T-5 and T-45 Mustang transmissions.
94-04 Lowering Springs Read More

94-04 Lowering Springs

BBK offer 2 types of Mustang Lowering spring kits for fox Mustang enthusiasts. A specific rate lowering spring kit which is engineered for optimum handling on all 94-04 Mustangs V6, GT and Cobras – excluding the IRS Cobra. These springs are rated at approx 650lb front and 250lb in the rear, they will lower your 94-04 Mustang approximately 1.5" while giving you a slightly firmer ride quality they will give you the handling you need for spirited road and track use. Your second choice are the progressive rate Mustang lowering springs that offer a good 1 inch plus all a round drop while keeping a smoother firmer ride over the specific rate
94-04 Suspension Bushings Read More

94-04 Suspension Bushings

Replace your 94-04 factory soft cracked and dry factory rubber bushings and firm up your cornering and overall Mustang handling. All these 94-04 Mustang performance suspension bushings are graphite impregnated and will not squeak. We have polyurethane offset rack bushings and full front suspension bushings as well as replacement control arm bushings and BBK caster camber plate bushings for your pony car all here in one place.
94-04 Subframe Connectors Read More

94-04 Subframe Connectors

Manufactured from super strong boxed steel these 94-04 Mustang sub frame connectors will really stiffen up your SN95 chassis for much improved handling and cornering - The sub frame connectors connect the front and rear chassis subframes together and will help eliminate the 94-04 Mustangs uni-body chassis flex. They can be bolted in but we highly recommend that they are welding in for the best results. New kits are now available that feature - “seat mounting brackets” for maximum strength and functionality. Fit all 94-04 Mustang V6, GT and Cobra’s – some slight modifications may be required on convertibles and some Cobras
94-04 Strut Tower Braces Read More

94-04 Strut Tower Braces

All BBK Mustang strut tower bars or braces are designed to reduce strut tower flex by tying two parallel strut towers together on all 94-04 Mustangs. This transmits the load evenly of each strut tower during cornering and ties the two towers together that helps reduce chassis flex. To accomplish this effectively (especially on MacPherson strut 94-04 Mustang suspension), our BBK Mustang strut tower bars and braces are rigid throughout their length, and also attach to the Mustang firewall. You will feel a difference when you install - Available in Black powder coat or chrome finish.
94-04 Mustang Control Arms Read More

94-04 Mustang Control Arms

Improve your SN95 Mustangs cornering and overall handling by replacing your stock stamped steel control arms with soft flexible rubber for a set of BBK-Gripp control arms that offer MUCH improved handling over stock. These BBK performance 94-04 Mustang GT and 96-98 Cobra rear upper and lower control arms are made from boxed steel with stiff polyurethane bushings for improved handling and road feel. These are direct replacement for all 94-04 8.8 inch rear axle Mustangs. Each set of control arms includes grease able zerk fittings for easy maintenance.
94-04 Caster Camber Plates Read More

94-04 Caster Camber Plates

When Lowering ANY Mustang it will affect the alignment of the tires and the geometry of the suspension – to correct it you will need a set of Caster Camber plates. These high quality BBK CNC polished billet aluminum Mustang Caster camber plates are available to fit all 94-04 Ford Mustang V6, GT and Cobra. These BBK caster camber plates will allow you to correct your front end alignment to prevent premature tire wear, but most important of all they will allow you to adjust the caster and camber of the front struts to considerably improve the way your car will turn into corners flatter and be considerably more responsive to steering input overall.
94-04 Spring Isolators Read More

94-04 Spring Isolators

If you are installing a set of lowering springs on you favorite Stang, chances are as most Mustang enthusiasts find out, your stock rubber front and rear spring isolators will be cracked, broken or even non existent as they have just deteriorated to a point where they turned to dust. BBK now offer these Gripp high quality polyurethane versions that are direct fit and durable and will sit under the springs to prevent unwanted noises and vibrations transmitting through your chassis and spoiling your ride.