86-93 Ford 5.0L Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

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86-93 Ford Mustang Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


BBK Fuel Pressure Regulator Re-Build Kit

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86-93 Ford 5.0L Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

Adjust the fuel pressure on any 1986-1993 Ford 5.0 engine with this direct fit BBK Performance adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Simply remove the stock regulator and replace with this great looking BBK billet fuel pressure regulator.
They are a great way to tune your 1986-93 Mustang to obtain optimum air / fuel ratios and achieve a few more horsepower.
Each BBK fuel pressure regulator is made from high quality CNC machined billet aluminum with a long lasting anodized blue finish.
Each unit is hand assembled with a precision leak free diaphragm that will allow fuel pressure adjustment to approximately 65psi.
These BBK fuel pressure regulators are direct replacements for your stock pre set regulator and offer the best performance and value.

  • All units are pressure tested at the factory.

  • Tuning is accomplished with the simple twist of a screw.

  • Blue Anodized finish

  • Fully Adjustable 35-65PSI

  • Direct Fit for all 1986-1993 Ford 302/351 applications.

  • Made In The USA

  • FAQ's About Fuel Pressure Regulators

    Question: I am working on a 1988 fox body 5.0 and adding a few performance upgrades. I have heard that I should get a fuel pressure regulator, I would like to know the advantages of having one, and if possible any installation guide.

    Answer: Being able to adjust your fuel pressure will allow you to fine tune your air to fuel ratio to get the most power out of any performance parts you have installed.

    Click Here For BBK Fuel Pressure Regulator PDF Installation Instuctions

    Question: What PSI do you recommend to set my BBK Regulator for 30lb injectors?

    Answer: For a naturally aspirated combination, you'll want to set it about 38-42psi at idle with the vacuum line disconnected. we generally find that most cars respond well to 38-39psi for most injectors 19lb, 24lb and 30lb.