Fuel Systems

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Fuel Pressure Regulators

BBK CNC Billet Fuel Pressure Regulators Are Fully Adjustable & Allows Owners Of Popular EFI Vehicles To Accurately Set Desired Fuel Pressure They Need To Tune A/F Ratios For Maximum Horsepower.
*Ford & GM Applications Available.
*Full Adjustment 65-70psi.
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Fuel Pumps

BBK High Volume Fuel Pumps are direct in-tank replacements and are great replacements for both stock and high performance applications. Recommended for high performance, built, supercharged, nitrous or turbo applications.

Available in 110 lph, 155 lph, 190 lph, 255 lph, 300 lph and 50 gallon per hour in-line.

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Fuel Rails

BBK Billet Aluminum High-Flow Fuel Rails Are CNC-Machined To Precise Tolerances and Blue Anodized For Great Looks. A Must For ALL High Performance Applications.
*Ford & GM Applications Available.
*All Hardware Included For Direct Bolt On.
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Fuel Pressure Gauges

BBK Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge Allows Vibration Free Fuel Pressure Readings.
*Liquid Filled For Accuracy.
*Fuel Rail Adapter Included.
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BBK Fuel Pressure Regulator Re-Build Kit

With time - adjustable fuel pressure regulator diaphragms can weaken and start to lose the ability to hold accurate pressure - sometimes they can even leak. Now you can completely re-build any BBK Performance fuel pressure regulator with our new rebuild kit.