1994-95 Mustang V8 76mm Billet Mass Air Meter

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1994-95 Mustang 76MM MAF 19lb - BBK Cold Air Calibration


1994-95 Mustang 76MM MAF 24lb - Factory Air Box


1994-95 Mustang 76MM MAF 24lb - BBK Cold Air Calibration


1994-95 Mustang 76MM MAF 30lb - BBK Cold Air Calibration


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These big 76mm mass air housings are all CNC machined billet aluminum that are turned to our exact specifications before being fitted with one of BBK’s new electronically calibrated mass air sensor modules to ensure an accurate air/fuel ratio for the best possible performance potential. Dyno testing has shown up to 15 RWHP gains while maintaining an accurate air/fuel ratio, unlike some competitor’s units that are not electronically calibrated that may fail to maintain the all important air/fuel ratio. Calibrations are available for standard factory air box or cold air calibration, which is optimized for use with Fender well style cold air intake systems.

Please Note: THESE MAF Meters DO not WORK for the 94-95 Cobra models - this is a DIFFERENT CALIBRATION…

For Tuners:
The transfer function needs to be generated using the following equation.

"New injector flow rate” divided by “original injector flow rate”. Then multiply the air flow values in the original MAF transfer by this number.

Most tuning software will let you highlight the entire air flow column and then multiply buy that number to generate the new air flow values. The voltage values are not changed