Chevrolet LS3, L99 6.2L Camaro, Corvette Throttle Body

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10-15 Chevrolet LS3/L99 6.2L 95mm Performance Throttle Body Assembly


10-15 Chevrolet LS3/L99 6.2L 102mm Performance Throttle Body Assembly (includes 1/4" Adapter Plate)

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Please Note:
These BBK Performance Power Plus Throttle Bodies Are Certified 50 State Smog Legal By The California Air Resource Board
Part # 1789 - CARB D-245-17
Part # 1790 - CARB D-245-17

The Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette LS3 6.2L V8 throttle body is now available. Will NOT work on ZLI models

It is available in two versions to fit 2010-15 Camaro SS LS3 & L99 & 2009-up LS3 Corvette 6.2L C6 applications, a 95mm for slightly modified cars or 102mm (includes 1/4" Adapter Plate)for supercharged and highly modified Camaro's & Corvette applications.

  • Fits ALL 2010-15 Camaro 6.2L V8 LS3 & L99 Auto

  • Fits ALL 2009-13 LS3 Corvettes

  • Utilizes the factory electronic motor drive

  • Bolt on up to 10-15 HP Depending on application

  • Part # 1790 - 102mm includes 1/4" Adapter Plate

  • Replacement Actuators from stock size throttle bodies are available from your local parts store: GM part#12605109 Or AC Delco 12605109

    Please note:

    Our engineers have designed our electronic throttle control performance throttle bodies to work in most cases with a factory tune, however depending on other modifications and ECM sensitivity on your specific application a tune is sometimes recommended, this is true with most other brand aftermarket performance throttle bodies as well. While it's not normally required, a tune will not only allow the vehicle to work with certain aftermarket add on's but will also improve overall performance of your entire array of upgrades to work together as a whole and can normally update such items as the factory torque limits functions. If you have experienced a check engine light with an aftermarket throttle body it is normally what is referred to as a soft code which will not affect drivability. For more information for your specific application please contact our tech team at
    (Also Automatics are more sensitive than manual transmissions)

    Erratic Idle Issues: Due to the additional air flow that our Power Plus series throttle bodies offer - we recommend switching out your MAP sensor from the stock 1 bar to a 2 or 3 bar sensor like that installed on a ZL1.

    Gaskets Included Yes
    Hardware Included No
    IAC Motor Included No
    Injectors Included No
    Quantity Sold individually.
    Size 95mm or 102mm
    Throttle Body Finish Natural
    Throttle Body Material Cast aluminum
    Throttle Body Style Multi-port injection, MPI
    TPS Sensor Included No
    Venturi Diameter (mm) 95.00mm or 102mm
    Venturi Quantity 1