BBK's Project Car
Project: Turn the BBK road race car into a BBK product display vehicle.

With all of the quick trackside adjustments and repairs that come with years of road race abuse under the hood, the only thing to do was take the car completely apart and start all over again.

The goal was to take this battered warrior to a new level in life and use it as a traveling product display vehicle that rides shotgun in our product display trailer, which can be seen at all of the big shows across the country (see schedule).

-331 c.i. stroker from Brothers Performance 11.5:1
-AFR 165 heads.
-Custom cam & valvetrain.
-Custom X-pipe and side exit exhaust with race bullet mufflers.
-320 RWHP (de-tuned from 385 to meet American Iron power-weight restrictions)
-Total weight = 3200 lbs
-TKO II transmission
-Full NASCAR style cage.
-Custom sheet metal interior.
-Race seats and harnesses.
-Halon fire suppression system.
-SSI intake (BBK 5001).
-80mm 86-93 throttle body (BBK 1514).
-86-93 fuel pressure regulator (BBK 1706).
-Custom mounted fuel pressure gauge (BBK 1617).
-86-93 style CAI (BBK 1557).
-BBK (1805) valve covers
-86-93 passenger side header to eliminate EGR bung.
-Customized injector harness.
-Custom mounted fuse box and wiring
-All unnecessary holes in engine bay welded and smoothed.
-All unnecessary wiring, and items removed from entire vehicle to reduce weight.
-Full MM road race suspension. Including K member, Torque arm and panhard bar kit, coil overs with Bilstein struts and shocks.
-Lots more in the details….

Assembled/customized by Bryan Rogers, BBK R&D/Tech department.