3" Varitune Adjustable Muffler Double Offset (Stainless)

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  • Adjustable Sound and Power with the Turn of a Wrench
  • Low Restriction Chambered Design for Maximum Exhaust Flow
  • 8-10 Decibel Range Difference from Open to Closed
  • 3" Diameter Offset Inlet and Outlet
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Universal Fitment; Choose The Correct Diameter and Offset for Your Application
  • Fine Tune Your Car's Exhaust Note
    BBK Varitune mufflers are American designed and built and are the first of their kind in the aftermarket fully adjustable performance Mufflers. They can be adjusted for sound and exhaust flow by simply moving the adjustment screw in or out from underneath the car.

    How Does It Work?
    BBK Varitune performance mufflers utilize a unique internal Power Valve. When in the closed position the valve blocks the exhaust flow, forcing it through all three chambers of the muffler for a classic deep sound. When in the open position, the valve opens the exhaust flow allowing it to take the path of least resistance, acting more like a straight-through muffler for an aggressive, throaty exhaust note.

    Top Quality Materials
    BBK 3" Varitune mufflers are manufactured using the highest quality heavy gauge stainless steel available. Stainless mufflers feature a 439 stainless teel case and 304 stainless steel tubing. BBK Performance utilizes both robotic and hand welding to ensure the quality and durability of each of their mufflers.

    • Case Length: 12.5"
    • Case Width: 9.75"
    • Case Height: 4.25"
    • Overall length: 17.75"

    This is a universal muffler, making it useful in many applications. Modification may be required for fitment.