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March 2018

Performance Underdrive Pulley Kits From BBK

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BBK Performance billet aluminum pulley kits offer an affordable and simple way to get additional rear wheel horsepower.

What is a performance pulley kit and how do they work ?

Simply they reduce the power the engine uses to turn the front engine accessories - therefore that additional power goes to the rear wheels.

An underdrive pulley refers to either crankshaft or accessory pulley like an alternator or water pump pulley specifically designed to turn at a slower speed than stock.

When the the front engine pulley ratios are changed they will be rotated by the serpentine belt at a slower rate regardless of the vehicle. This means that they are under driven hence the term under drive pulleys.

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Why You Need A BBK Perfromance Replacement Fuel Pump

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Did you know that BBK Performance offer direct replacement high volume fuel pumps for many American Muscle cars and trucks as well as some import applications.

Most new performance car and truck factory fuel pumps are usually rated at around 180-190lph and some earlier fuel injected American Muscle cars like the 1988 Ford Mustang started life with a mere 88lph !

Keep the fuel flowing to power your performance mods with a new BBK Fuel pump upgrade. If are modifying your car or truck dont forget more air needs more fuel.

Fuel pumps can also wear out just like everything else with moving parts, and replacing your fuel pump now in the off-season is a good practice as it sure beats going lean or breaking down on your way to the races or a car show this summer

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