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NEW Universal Oil Separator

By BBK Performance 1 month ago 1290 Views No comments

Keep Your Oil Where it Belongs

The BBK Universal Oil Separator is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum. The oil collection tank features a knurled base for easy removal to drain the captured oil and an O-ring seal to prevent leaks. A high efficiency, multi-stage filter system is used to collect the very fine oil vapor droplets and deposit them into the easily removable bottom. This ensures only clean, oil-free air is able to pass through into the intake.

Easy Installation

This oil separator kit can be installed in minutes with minor fitting for your application. The kit includes easy to follow instructions and PCV hoses and connectors for a simple installation on your engine.

How Does it Work?

A BBK Oil Separator Kit is a must-have for your engine because during the process of venting crankcase pressure through your PCV valve into the intake, oil vapor can collect and coat the inside of your intake manifold. That oil vapor eventually ends up coating your intake valves and burning in your combustion chamber creating carbon buildup. Excess oil in the combustion chamber can even dilute your gas, lowering its octane level. This happens on all engines but is a very common issue with modern high compression, high RPM engines.