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Why You Need A BBK Perfromance Replacement Fuel Pump

Why You Need A BBK Perfromance Replacement Fuel Pump
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Did you know that BBK Performance offer direct replacement high volume fuel pumps for many American Muscle cars and trucks as well as some import applications.

Most new performance car and truck factory fuel pumps are usually rated at around 180-190lph and some earlier fuel injected American Muscle cars like the 1988 Ford Mustang started life with a mere 88lph !

Keep the fuel flowing to power your performance mods with a new BBK Fuel pump upgrade. If are modifying your car or truck dont forget more air needs more fuel.

Fuel pumps can also wear out just like everything else with moving parts, and replacing your fuel pump now in the off-season is a good practice as it sure beats going lean or breaking down on your way to the races or a car show this summer

BBK Fuel Pump Kits, provide maximum fuel flow for increased horsepower, torque and throttle response.

All of our kits are direct replacement units and include everthing needed for the install - Simply remove your old pump and replace it with one of our direct replacement high volume performance fuel pumps and add the confidence in knowing you will not run lean and burn a piston or blow the engine.

Our BBK fuel pumps are available for many applications including all 1986-2010 Ford Mustang applications - 1999-2004 Ford F150 trucks - 1997-2004 Jeeps - 1985-1991 Camaro and F body aplications - Buick Grand National, Dodge Dakota - Ram Truck, Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic and More!

Depending on application they are offered in variable flow rates from 110lph up to 300 litres per hour for modified, supercharged and turbocharged applications that require more fuel.

How to determine what fuel pump you need?

To determine the overall capacity of a fuel pump rated in liters, use the additional following conversions:
(Liters per Hour) / 3.785 = Gallons
Multiply by 6.009 = LBS/HR
Multiply by 0.9 = Capacity at 90%
Divide by BSFC = Horsepower Capacity
So for a 110 LPH fuel pump:
110 / 3.785 = 29.06 Gallons
29.06 x 6.009 = 174.62 LBS/HR
174.62 x 0.9 = 157 LBS/HR @ 90% Capacity
157 / 0.5 = 314 HP safe naturally aspirated “Horsepower Capacity”

Safe “Horsepower Capacity” @ 40 PSI with 12 Volts
60 Liter Pump = 95 LB/HR X .9 = 86 LB/HR, Safe for 170 Horsepower
88 Liter Pump = 140 LB/HR X .9 = 126 LB/HR, Safe for 250 Horsepower
110 Liter Pump = 175 LB/HR X .9 = 157 LB/HR, Safe for 315 Horsepower
155 Liter Pump = 246 LB/HR X .9 = 221 LB/HR, Safe for 440 Horsepower
190 Liter Pump = 302 LB/HR X .9 = 271 LB/HR, Safe for 540 Horsepower
255 Liter Pump = 405 LB/HR X .9 = 364 LB/HR, Safe for 700 Horsepower
300 Liter Pump = 455 LB/HR X .9 = 409 LB/HR, Safe for 800 Plus Horsepower

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