Polyurethane Rear Differential Bushing (05-09 Mustang)

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  • Eliminates Deflection, Enhancing Handling and Traction
  • Polyurethane Upgrade Bushing for Center Differential
  • Replaces Soft OEM Rubber Bushing
  • Eliminate Suspension Slop
    BBK Polyurethane Rear Differential Bushing kit for 2005-2009 Mustang is an easy way to reduce the slop in your S197 Mustang's rear suspension. The factory bushing is a much softer rubber bushing which allows it to compress under load, which can change suspension geometry and create unpredictable handling and poor traction.

    Extremely Durable Polyurethane
    Polyurethane make a great choice for high performance cars because of it's stiffness but it's also much more durable than rubber, making it a great choice for a long service life. Rubber can break down pretty quickly from many environmental factors, but polyurethane is highly resistant to almost all contaminants.

    2005-2009 Mustang