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August 2017 East Coast Dealer Visits

Published 08/16/17

BBK East Coast Road Trip Ends At American Muscle Car Show

The BBK Performance Sales Team just returned back to Temecula after a successful east coast road trip in the BBK display truck and trailer.
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August 2017 Cars Wanted !


BBK Performance Temecula R&D Department Looking For Challenger Chargers.

If you own a 2011-15 Challenger, Charger 5.7L or 2006-10 Charger SRT 6.1L or know someone with these cars and live in the Temecula CA area let us know.
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August 2017 Mustang Quiet Mode

Published 08/02/2017

2018 Mustang GT Will Have A Good Neighbor Quiet Mode !

Yes you read that right - Ford have devised a way to quieten down the 2018 Mustang GT's American Thunder - with a quiet mode button to keep the neighbors happy.
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July 2017 BBK WD Turn 14

Published 07/19/2017

BBK Performance WD Turn 14 Announces Expansion With New Warehouse.

Turn 14 is just one of many BBK Performance warehouse distributors in the USA that are adding additional warehouse space to keep up with the demand for increased aftermarket performance parts.
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July 2017 Woodward Event

Published 07/17/17

One More Car Show Not To Be Missed This Year

The Woodward Dream Cruise Is probably the largest car show in the world and takes place every year in Detroit Michigan spanning much of Woodward avenue, from Pontiac through Ferndale in Oakland County all the way to the State Fair Grounds inside the Detroit city limits, just south of 8 Mile Road.
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July 2017 American Muscle Show

Published 07/13/2017

BBK Display Trailer At The 2017 9th Annual American Muscle Car Show

The 9th annual American Muscle car show will be held Saturday August 12th 2017 at The Maple Grove raceway in PA.
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July 2017 Mustang Week 2017

Published 07/10/2017

BBK Performance At Mustang Week 2017

We are excited to announce that BBK Performance will be once again attending Mustang week 2017 with our BBK display truck and trailer.
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July 2017 New CARB Approval

Published 07/06/2017

NEW 50 State Legal CARB Approval Number issued to BBK Performance.

BBK Performance are pleased to announce that we have obtained an official 50 state legal CARB exemption order for all of our Dodge and Chrysler / Jeep Power Plus Series Throttle Bodies.
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June 2017 New Mustang Fuel Rails

Published 06/29/2017

New 2015-2017 Mustang GT Fuel Rails In Development

Today we did our first test fit of some new S550 Mustang 5.0 Coyote fuel rails.
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June 2017 Reconditioned Parts

Published 06/27/2017

SAVE 25% OFF - BBK Reconditioned Parts

BBK Performance now offer a slection of "Reconditioned" parts for sale that include a Full bbk manufacturers warranty.