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October 2015 Oct Open House/Car Show

Published 07/24/2015

Car Show | Open House - Saturday October 3rd 2015 10am-4pm

You are invited to join the BBK Performance team for a day out with other car & truck enthusiasts at our Temecula facility in sunny southern California on Saturday October 3rd from 10am - 4pm.
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September 2015 SEMA 2015 Nov 3 - 6th

Published 09/25/2015

SEMA Show 2015 Fast Approaching

This years SEMA show is now only a few weeks away November 3-6 2015 Las Vegas Booth # 23119.
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September 2015 2016 Camaro Performance

Published 09/14/2015

2016 Camaro Offical Performance Numbers

2016 Camaro models will start arriving at dealer showrooms later this fall. This will be the most powerful Camaro Chevrolet have ever launched with the SS model packing almost 455HP in stock trim.
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September 2015 SEMA Ignited Nov 6th

Published 09/02/2015

SAVE 30% OFF Tickets To SEMA Ignited in Las Vegas

Come and party with us in Las Vegas after the SEMA show this November 6th 3pm-10pm at the "SEMA IGNITED after show event.
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August 2015 More "Cuda" News

Published 08/28/2015

Is The Barracuda Really Coming Back

Earlier this week the Fiat Chrysler Auto Group held a number of" Closed Door" dealer meeting in Las Vegas where they teased their dealers with news of their new upcoming models.
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August 2015 Corvette Funfest 2015

Published 08/24/2015

Join The Fun - Sept 17th-20th Corvette Funfest Effingham IL

The 2015 Corvette Funfest at The MidAmerica Motorworks facility in Effingham IL with be getting underway September 17th-20th, so it is only a few weeks away!
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August 2015 Dodge Goes Plum Crazy

Published 08/13/2015

Dodge Goes Plum Crazy Again

The Fiat Chrysler group are bringing back The Plum Crazy exterior color.
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July 2015 Shelby Makes Offer

Published 07/31/2015

Shelby America Offers Disapointed Hellcat Owners A Special Deal

As we mentioned in our previous news story Dodge have cancelled around 900 customer orders for the "2015 Hellcat" and forcing disappointed customers to wait until 2016.
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July 2015 Hellcat Orders Cancelled

Published 07/28/2015

Dodge Cancels Remaining 2015 Hellcat Orders To Focus On 2016 Production

The wildly popular "Hellcat Twins" have proved to be too popular for the Fiat Chrysler Dodge Group and they have made a decision that has alot of hopeful 2015 Mopar enthusiasts upset.
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July 2015 BBK Truck & Trailer Even

Published 07/22/2015

BBK Performance Truck & Trailer Display Hits The Road

The summer car show season is already in full swing and we love to hit the road and attend as many as we can, to meet and greet BBK customers and clients across the country.
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July 2015 BBK Dyno Update

Published 07/17/2015

BBK Performance Updates In House Chassis Dyno

To assure our parts perform at their peak and mesh with today's modern OBD computers - BBK has installed the latest generation of chassis dynamometer software and technology on our in house R&D chassis dyno.
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July 2015 2018 Barracuda News

Published 07/14/2015

More Rumors About The Barraucda

Will the Barracuda become the new American Muscle car to replace the Dodge Challenger in 2018?
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July 2015 Gen Six Camaro News

Published 07/10/2015

Gen6 Camaro 2.0 Turbo To Go Head To Head With EcoBoost Mustang

One of the new generation six Camaro’s built on the new “Alpha” platform will offer a turbo charged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that will push out 275 horsepower.
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July 2015 Camaro Varitune Exhaust

Published 07/07/2015

Gen5 Camaro V8 Varitune Axle Back Exhaust Kits In Stock

BBK Varitune Axle back exhaust systems are designed and built in the USA in 304 stainless steel to fit all 2010-2015 Camaro V8 LS3/L99 applications.
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July 2015 Mopar Madness

Published 07/02/2015

Dodge Hellcat Production Running Flat Out & Hellcat Transplant Rumors

It seems that the Dodge Hellcat production is running flat out to keep up with the demand of enthusiasts who are willing to stop at nothing to get their hands on one of these Mopar muscle cars.
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June 2015 Challenger Drag Pak

Published 06/26/2015

2015 Challenger Drag Pak Announced

It was over a year ago in the summer of 2014 when Dodge teased us with their Challenger Drag race prototype based on its latest Challenger muscle car.
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June 2015 BBK Tuner / Cold Air

Published 06/23/2015

BBK Cold Air Tuner Kits For Ford Mustang GT Applications

2005-2014 Ford Mustang GT owners take another look at how you can get the most horsepower and torque out of your BBK performance parts - with our Money Saving Cold Air / Tuner Kits.
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June 2015 Fuel Regulator Kit

Published 06/15/2015

BBK Fuel Pressure Regulator Rebuild Kits

Our New BBK Adjustable fuel pressure regulator rebuild kits are now available to rebuild any BBK fuel pressure regulator like new
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June 2015 2015 Mustang Exhaust

Published 06/11/2015

2015 Mustang GT Varitune Axle Back Exhaust

2015 Mustang owners - are you looking for an improved exhaust note, one that is fully adjustable to your sound taste - then take a look at our new Varitune Axle back exhaust kit.
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June 2015 Shelby GT350 News

Published 06/02/2015

Shelby GT350 Performance By Numbers

The Ford SVTP Team Invited the automotive press and media to join them today for a full reveal of the new Shelby GT350 Mustang.
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May 2015 BBK Fuel Pump Update

Published 05/29/2015

BBK Fuel Pump Applications For EFI Ford Mustangs

Mustang owners - We continue to be your number one brand for Mustang Performance - We now have direct fit replacement / upgrade fuel pumps for all 1986-2010 Mustang applications.
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May 2015 2015 Mustang GT Cold Air

Published 05/26/2015

New 2015 Mustang GT Cold Air Kit Dyno Results

2015 Mustang GT owners - A cold air kit is one of the best ways to add real horsepower and torque - Our New 2015 Mustang GT kit results prove it!
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May 2015 2016 Camaro Announced

Published 05/21/2015

2016 Camaro Launched At Belle Isle

Well the big news last weekend was that the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is finally going to be available later this fall as a 2016 model
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May 2015 Camaro 6 Revealed?

Published 05/15/2015

Did The New 2016 Camaro Get Revealed By Mistake

Did CNBC reveal the new 2016 Camaro by mistake on national TV this morning.
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May 2015 Final Camaro Images

Published 05/11/2015

Sixth Generation Camaro Exterior Images

The final teaser shots of the long awaited sixth generation Camaro were released this morning on the 2016 Camaro website ahead of this saturday's full launch of the new Camaro infront of thousands of fans and a throng of the world's automotive press.
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May 2015 2015 Challenger Parts

Published 05/07/2015

Designing More Challenger, Charger Performance Parts

Currently the BBK R&D team are verifying fitment of our 5.7L Hemi performance headers cold air kits and throttle bodies on this 2015 Challenger we have in the shop.
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May 2015 Dodge Ram Truck Parts

Published 05/04/2015

BBK Performance Dodge Ram Truck Parts

Have you seen our Dodge Ram truck cold air kits, throttle bodies and tuned length shorty exhaust headers for 2003 up Dodge Ram Trucks with the 5.7L Hemi engine.
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April 2015 Camaro 6 Body Panels

Published 04/30/2015

Camaro 6 Body Panels Revealed

General Motors released the first images today of the new camaro six body panels, specifically the front and rear of the car.
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April 2015 New CC Plates In Stock

Published 04/27/2015

05-14 S197 Mustang Caster Camber Plates

Our BBK Performance caster camber plates for the s197 Mustang are in stock and now available from BBK Performance to fit all 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Ford Mustang V6, GT and GT500 Shelby.
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April 2015 New 2016 Camaro Info

Published 04/21/2015

More Camaro Six News

Over the past few weeks, General Motors have been releasing a series of images teasing the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.
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April 2015 New 1-7/8 Camaro Headers

Published 04/16/2015

10-15 Camaro LS3/L99 Long Tubes Headers

Now available and in stock BBK Long tube 1-7/8" performance exhaust headers in chrome or polished silver ceramic
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April 2015 BBK 73mm Throttle Intake

Published 04/14/2015

96-04 Mustang GT 4.6 73mm Throttle Intake

Take a look at our BBK Power Plus Series 73mm throttle intake to replace the restrictive OEM factory 65mm throttle body and plenum.
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April 2015 BBK Featured Online

Published 04/09/2015

BBK Cold Air & Throttle Body Install / Test

A stock 2011 Mustang GT was used by Evan Smith for a story recently where he installed a BBK cold air kit and 90mm power plus throttle body - see the results here.
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April 2015 Tech & FAQ Section

Published 04/02/2015

New BBK Tech & FAQ Section Online

Visit our new BBK Technical & Frequently asked questions section where we have compiled some FAQ's and answers to help customers get more information about BBK products.
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March 2015 Lighter 2016 Camaro

Published 03/31/2015

2016 Camaro Sheds Hundreds of Pounds

Every 10 days or so the next generation Chevrolet Camaro Website are posting cryptic pictures that give clues about the new 2016 Camaro Six
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March 2015 2015 Mustang Video Pt 2

Published 03/30/15

New 2015 Mustang GT Video Part 2 - Exhaust

2015 Mustang GT owners take a look at some exhaust components from BBK Performance parts that will add horsepower and torque to your new pony car.
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March 2015 SVT Performance Feature

Published 03/26/2015

2015 Mustang GT Cold Air & Throttle Body Article

SVT Performance features some BBK Performance parts for the 2015 Mustang GT
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March 2015 2015 Mustang Video Pt 1

Published 03/20/15

New 2015 Mustang GT Video Part 1

2015 Mustang GT owners take a first look at some new BBK Performance parts that will add horsepower and torque to your new pony car.
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March 2015 Camaro Six Reveal

Published 03/16/2015

GM Has Revealed Plans To Launch The 2016 Camaro Six

We will have a 2016 Camaro Six after all and it wont be unveiled at the New York Auto Show as previously anticipated.
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March 2015 2015 Mustang Parts

Published 03/13/2015

New 2015 Mustang Parts Section

Our site now has a section specifically dedicated to 2015 Ford Mustang GT & V6 - BBK will feature all the currently available and new and upcoming parts here for the new S550 Mustang
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March 2015 Gen6 Camaro News

Published 03/10/2015

Anxiously Awaiting The Release Of The 2016 Camaro

The BBK team of engineers are looking forward to updated news on the release of the new Gen6 Camaro
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March 2015 Camaro + Mustang Videos

Published 03/05/2015

2015 Mustang GT Video Production

Video Production is finishing up this week on our overview of the new BBK Performance parts for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and our 2010 Gen5 Camaro
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March 2015 Varitune Sound Off

Published 03/02/2015

Listen To This Mustang Varitune Cat Back Exhaust Sound Test

This video captures the new Varitune cat back exhaust kit in various open and closed positions - at part throttle and aggressive throttle - Take a look/listen
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February 2015 New Video Production

Published 02/26/2015

New Video Production - BBK 2015 Mustang Parts

We are tooling up for production of our new 2015 Mustang GT, V6 and Ecoboost performance parts
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February 2015 Varitune Exhaust Video

Published 02/23/2015

New Varitune Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Installation Video

We told you recently about our new BBK Performance cat back exhaust kits that were recently released, one of our dealers has produced a video about them we wanted to share
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February 2015 Mustang Cat Back Kits

Published 02/20/2015

87-04 Mustang Varitune Cat Back Exhaust Systems In Stock

BBK Performance Varitune Cat Back Exhaust Kits for 1987-93 Mustang GT, LX/Cobra & 1994-04 Mustang GT In Stock
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February 2015 BBK Fuel Rail Kits

Published 02/17/2015

High Flow Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail Kits

BBK high flow billet aluminum fuel rail kits are available for many late model stock or modified applications
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February 2015 2015 Mustang Cold Air Ki

Published 02/13/2015

The New 2015 Mustang GT BBK Cold Air Intake

We have just finished up all the R&D Testing on the all new BBK Performance Power Plus Series Cold Air Intake For the 2015 Mustang GT and we have the numbers.
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February 2015 BBK Flash Tuner Kits

Published 02/10/2015

2005-2014 Ford Mustang GT BBK Tuner And Cold Air Intake Kits

Take another look at these BBK Power Flash Tuner and Cold air kits, which have become extremely popular with 05-14 Mustang owners due to the fact that they offer great value and offer amazing performance right out of the box.
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February 2015 2016 Focus RS

Published 02/03/2015

Ford Announces The New 2016 Focus RS

The 2016 Ford Focus RS was announced today by "Gymkhana" film star and rally driver Ken Block in Cologne Germany where the RS legend was born with the Ford 15M RS in 1968.
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January 2015 07-12 Jeep Long Tubes

Published 01/2/2015

More Jeep Exhaust From BBK Performance

We are excited to announce additional BBK Jeep performance exhaust header systems, that are available in stock & ready to deliver
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January 2015 New Jeep Headers

Published 01/26/2015

Jeep 4.0L Exhaust Headers - Now Available

Now available and in stock these new BBK Performance tuned length exhaust headers are built to the highest standards by American craftsmen in the USA.
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January 2015 Replacement Air Filters

Published 01/23/2015

Replacement Cold Air Filters And Hardware Kits

Now available BBK Performance Cold Air Intake - Air Filters & Replacement Hardware Kits
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January 2015 Win A Rubicon Trip

Published 01/21/2015

Extreme Jeep Adventure: Win a Rubicon Excursion!

One of our BBK Jeep dealers wants to send one lucky winner on the trip of a lifetime to Go wheeling and rock crawling in a customized Jeep Wrangler thats sure to have some BBK performance Jeep parts on the Rubicon Trail!
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January 2015 Million Dollar Mustang

Published 01/19/2015

2016 Mustang GT350R Sells At Auction For $1 Million

One of the more surprising and exciting cars to drive across the auction block this weekend in Scottsdale Arizona was a 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R Vin # 001.
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January 2015 BBK Outlet Store Open

Published 01/14/2015

BBK Outlet Store Now Open In Temecula California

If you live in the Southern California area, come down and check out the BBK Performance outlet store and see the complete BBK product line of performance parts on display in our beautiful showroom
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January 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Published 01/12/2014

Ford Unveils New Performance Cars and Trucks in Detroit

Ford Motor Company has always done a good job keeping their new performance vehicles a secret and out of sight of the automotive spy paparazzi for the most part. Today Ford have revealed three of them to add to consumer wish lists.
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January 2015 New Fuel Regulator

Published 01/08/2015

New BBK Universal Adjustable Remote Fuel Pressure Gauge

Take a look at our new fuel pressure regulator. This was one of our new product releases at the 2014 SEMA show last November.
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January 2015 New Mustang Long Tubes

Published 01/06/2015

New 2011-14 Mustang GT 1-7/8" Long Tube Exhaust Headers

2011-14 Ford Mustang GT owners can now get even more power out of their 5.0 Coyote engines with these new BBK Performance 1-7/8" long tube exhaust headers.
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December 2014 Snow At BBK Performance

Published 12/31/2014

A White New Years Eve At BBK Performance

A little late for Christmas - and very out of the ordinary for Temecula, but what a great way to see the year out.
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December 2014 2015 Mustang V6 Headers

Published 12/30/2014

New 2015 Mustang V6 Exhaust Headers

Fitment of Part # 1442 & 14420 has been verified to now fit ALL 2015 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 Applications.
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December 2014 2015 Mustang News

Published 12/24/2014

2015 Mustang Throttle Bodies

Just before we take a break for the holidays we wanted to give an update on the new 2015 Ford Mustang throttle bodies
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December 2014 Our New 2015 Mustang

Published 12/19/2014

2015 Mustang GT Performance Parts

Our new "Race Red" 2015 Ford Mustang GT looks stunning and is ready for some new BBK bolt on performance parts over the next few weeks and months.
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December 2014 New Product Packaging

Published 12/17/2014

BBK Performance Product Packaging Updates

We believe in getting people’s attention right from the moment they see or buy our products.
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December 2014 More Focus ST Parts

Published 12/15/2014

New Focus ST 2.0 Turbo Discharge Pipe

The BBK R&D department are currently designing an easy drop in Ford Focus ST 2.0L high flow turbo discharge pipe (hot side) that goes from the turbo to the intercooler.
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December 2014 Enter To Win Contest

Published 12/12/2014

Enter To Win

Enter to Win $1500 of BBK Performance parts now through December 31st 2014. One lucky winner will be randomly picked in January 2015 30th to win $1500 worth of BBK performance parts now thats a great after Christmas Gift to get!
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December 2014 2015 Mustang V6

Published 12/10/2014

BBK Performance Exhaust Adds Horsepower And Torque To 2015 Mustang V6

We recently had a 2015 Ford Mustang V6 at the BBK shop in Temecula CA and did a bunch of product test fitments as well as some new BBK Performance product development.
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December 2014 Focus ST Downpipe

Published 12/08/2014

BBK Focus ST 2.0L Downpipe In Development

This Will Be A 3.0" CNC Mandrel Bent Downpipe With A Flex Coupler To Improve Flow Over The Restrictive Stock Focus ST Down Pipe.
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December 2014 New Cat Backs In Stock

Published 12/02/2014

New 87-04 Mustang Varitune Cat Back Exhaust Systems In Stock

Our BBK performance exhaust division located in Temecula CA has finished up the production of our popular 1987-2004 Mustang Varitune tuneable 2-3/4"cat back exhaust systems.
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November 2014 Cat Back Exhaust Fitment

Published 11/25/2014

New BBK 2015 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Kits

We have just finished up final fitment of our new 2015 Ford Mustang Varitune Cat back exhaust kit in the R&D department. We will also offer this kit as an Varitune axle back exhaust.
Both of these new BBK Performance exhaust kits will add horsepower and a real aggressive muscle car sound to any 2015 Ford Mustang GT or V6.
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November 2014 2015 Mustang V6

Published 11/21/2014

2015 Mustang V6 Parts

It has been another busy week at BBK in Temecula CA, we have had a new 2015 Ford Mustang V6 to work on in the R&D department for parts development and fitment.
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November 2014 NEW BBK Catalog

Published 11/20/2014

The team at BBK is excited to announce we have finalized and printed our brand new product catalog, Volume 25. Packed with our latest hot new parts, including new 2015 Ford Mustang V6, GT and Ecoboost cold air intakes, Exhaust headers, throttle bodies and high flow cat back exhaust systems.
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November 2014 New 2015 Mustang Parts

Published 11/18/2014

Temecula, CA.
Our guys have been hard at work in the R&D department for the last week or so, designing and testing new 2015 Ford Mustang GT performance parts on the car.
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November 2014 SEMA 2014

BBK Performance would like to thank all of our valued distributors and customers for another successful SEMA show. We pride ourselves on staying in touch with our customers and consistently expanding our product line to include the best quality American-made parts for the latemodel EFI market. From the entire BBK team, we thank you! See you in 2015!
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November 2014 New Camaro Downpipes

Published 11/14/2014

BBK Performance Gen 5 Camaro V8 off Road Replacement Pipes are now available and in Stock at our East and West coast distribution centers for immediate delivery.
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November 2014 SEMA 2014 Report

Published 11/10/2014
TEMECULA CA - The 47th annual SEMA trade show closed on Friday, for BBK it was a very busy week meeting with our great customers and introducing our company’s product line to many new ones.
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October 2014 New Hemi Throttle Body

Published 10/30/2014

We have just recieved the new castings for our new 2013-2015 Hemi 5.7L and 6.4L Power Plus throttle bodies.
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October 2014 2015 Mustang Exhaust

Published 10/27/2014
Add horsepower and a real aggressive muscle car sound with our new 2015 Ford Mustang GT cat-back exhaust kit. This new BBK Varitune cat back exhaust system for the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT will be available sometime during January 2015.
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October 2014 Varitune Patent Recieved

Published 10/15/2014
The United States Patent And Trademark Office Issued Patent # 8851231 to Ken Murphy Vice President and chief engineer at BBK Performance On September 24th 2014 for the BBK Performance Varitune adjustable performance muffler design.
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October 2014 Over 2 Million Views

Published 10/05/2014

The BBK YouTube channel has now surpassed over 2 million video views
The BBK marketing team celebrates a new milestone as our BBK YouTube channel just surpassed 2,020,000 video views and is quickly growing.
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September 2014 New Director Of Content

Published 09/30/2014
Tim Gilpin was recently named "Director of Content" and will be working with the growing BBK dealer network to provide cutting edge product data, images and video content to ensure companies receive a seamless supply of new product content.
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September 2014 New Varitune Systems

Published 09/18/2014

New BBK Performance Varitune cat back exhaust systems are now available for the popular 1986-2004 Mustang GT models.
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September 2014 SEMA 2014

Published 09/15/2014
BBK will be at the SEMA Show again this year November 4th-7th 2014 in Las Vegas with an even bigger booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
We will Be in the Central hall / Racing & Performance booth #23313 (2014 booth number)- Please Stop by and see all the exciting NEW products we will have for your favorite American Muscle cars and trucks
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September 2014 2014 Dodge Dart Wanted

Published 09/11/2014
BBK Performance in Temecula CA are looking for the following vehicle for some testing - in return the owner will recieve the parts listed once the products go into production.
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September 2014 New Varitune Mufflers

Published 09/01/2014
New Universal Varitune Mufflers Enter Production.
Our New universal fit Varitune mufflers are entering production this week. These Varitune adjustable performance mufflers will be available in the most popular 2.5" & 3" center in / offset out versions first to fit your favorite Musclecar, street rod or truck project.
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August 2014 13-14 Focus ST Wanted

Published 08/26/2014
The BBK R&D department is looking for a 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST to use to develop & test a new BBK Power Plus Series throttle body. If you own one of these fun cars or know someone that does and you live in the local Temecula CA area - Please Click for more information.
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August 2014 BBK Is Expanding Again

Published 08/25/2014
BBK Performance Is Expanding again - The BBK performance exhaust manufacturing division is adding four additional state of the art multi axis robot welding centers.
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August 2014 New BBK 50 State EPA's

Published 08/21/2014
BBK has received 50-state EPA legal status from the California Air Resourse Board CARB)on all GM LS series Power Plus Throttle bodies.
We are proud to announce that our R&D team recently received 50-state EPA legal status on our entire line of late model GM LS model performance throttle bodies.
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July 2014 New F Series Long Tubes

Published 7/22/2014

Coming Soon - Ford F Series Truck - 4.6L & 5.4L Full Length Long Tube Exhaust Headers. These ALL New BBK Performance CNC Series Long tube exhaust headers will fit all 4.6L & 5.4L applications 2wd & 4wd 1997 through 2003 Ford F Series Trucks. See More:
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July 2014 New Camaro Headers Video

Published July 9th 2014

10-14 Camaro SS V8 LS3 LS99 owners looking for even more power now have another option - BBK Performance CNC series 1-7/8" Long tube headers available in Chrome or polished silver ceramic - and optioned with either high flow catalytic converters or off road pipes.
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June 2014 GM Truck Headers

Published 06/27/2014
GM Full Size Truck Exhaust Headers - Take a look at our all NEW CNC series long tube exhaust headers and Y pipe that have been specially designed as a universal fitment for all 1999-2002 Full Size GM Trucks.
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June 2014 Enter To Win

Published 06/24/2014
Enter to Win $1500 worth of BBK Performance parts now through September 30th 2014. One lucky winner will be randomly picked on tuesday September 30th to win $1500 worth of BBK performance parts
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June 2014 New 1-7/8" Long Tubes

Published 06/13/2014
We are excited to announce we are just finishing up our R&D testing on our new larger performance 1-7/8" long tube exhaust headers coming soon for all 2011-2014 Mustang GT.
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January 2014 GM Truck Cold Air Kits

Published 01/16/2015

New GM Full Size Truck Cold Air Kits

1999-2013 GM Truck owners, see how to add a noticeable improvement in horsepower and torque with one of our new BBK Cold air intake kits