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September 2016 GM CARB APPROVALS

Published 09/14/2016

More CARB Approvals Issued to BBK Performance.

We are once again pleased to announce that BBK Performance has been issued new 50 state legal CARB approvals for some GM throttle bodies and Exhaust Headers.
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Published 09/08/2016

NEW 50 State Legal CARB Approval Number issued to BBK Performance.

We are pleased to announce that BBK Performance have been issued new CARB approvals for many of our Ford throttle bodies.
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September 2016 2.3L Throttle Body

Published 09/06/2016

New Power Plus 2.3L EcoBoost Throttle Body Enters Production

We are pleased to announce that the Ford 2.3L EcoBoost BBK Performance Power Plus Series Throttle body is now entering production and is expected to start shipping soon.
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August 2016 BBK At Maple Grove

Published 08/30/2016

BBK Display Trailer At The 8th Annual American Muscle Car Show

The 8th annual American Muscle car show was held Saturday August 13th at Maple Grove raceway in PA.
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August 2016 Got TECH Questions?

Published 08/25/2016

Check Out Our Tech & FAQ Section

Got Questions? Need Some Help or Advice? This BBK Tech section may help you
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July 2016 Wheeler Dealers Vist

Published 07/19/2016

Wheeler Dealers Visit BBK For Some Mustang Performance Parts

Brian Murphy Shows host Mike Brewer around the BBK Facility and sells him some parts for Ed to Install on their Fox Body Mustang Project.
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June 2016 STANG TV Visit To BBK

Published 06/22/2016

Reviewing Our New S550 Mustang Performance Parts With Stang TV

Trevor Anderson editor at recently visited the BBK Performance facility in Temecula California to review the latest performance parts with BBK CEO Brian Murphy.
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June 2016 NEW HEMI Throttle Bodies

Published 06/17/16

New 2013-16 Hemi Throttle Bodies

Our brand new BBK Power Plus Series throttle bodies for the 2013-2016 5.7L & 6.4L Dodge and Jeep models have entered final production & testing and will begin shipping in the next two weeks.
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Published 05/05/2016

BBK Performance At Mustang Week 2016

We are excited to announce BBK Performance will be attending Mustang week 2016 with our display truck and trailer.
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April 2016 New Video Production

Published 04/25/16

Dyno Testing & In House Video Production

Our New 2015-16 Mustang GT, V6 and Ecoboost parts have proved to be very popular with new owners of the new S550 Mustang and we are now tooling up production of our new 2015-16 Mustang Ecoboost power plus series throttle body