BBK Dyno Update
Published 07/17/2015

BBK Performance Updates In House Chassis Dyno

To assure our parts perform at their peak and mesh with today's modern OBD computers - BBK has installed the latest generation of chassis dynamometer software and technology on our in house R&D chassis dyno.

To keep up with modern automotive technology and be sure that we get the most accurate ECU readings to manage performance improvements on every BBK performance part we design and manufacture - we have just upgraded our Dyno Jet chassis dyno to the latest and greatest harware and software - Dynoware RT / Winpep 8.

We can now control the dyno, analyze data, adjust/create calibrations and utilize real-time on-board data from vehicles running on the dyno - The dyno actually plugs into the vehicles OBD connector and all the sensor readings, TPS, A/F Ignition everything is shown on the TV monitor in real time and read thru the Winpep 8 software that can be downloaded and compared to previous runs every time.

We can now control the dyno, analyze data, adjust/create calibrations and maps for BBK products and utilize real-time on-board data from vehicles running on the dyno. This helps BBK engineers maximize and tune every part we make for maximum performance and allow every part to work with a factory tune as we have done before but now with even more ability to extract more power per part !!

Features Are:

Wireless network capability.
Connect a wireless router to DWRT to control the dyno and PowerCore using a laptop, desktop or tablet PC.
Update firmware and software through an internet network.
10 button enhanced sample pendant
For remote control of DWRT and PowerCore
Two Atmospheric sensor inputs:
Includes one (1) sensor for real-time weather conditions measurement.
Secondary sensor accessory available for additional measurement (intake, air box, etc.).
Two Inductive RPM inputs (up to 30,000 RPM).
Includes two (2) primary and one (1) secondary inductive RPM cables for use with various ignition types including coil on plug.
Two Optical RPM inputs (up to 30,000RPM).
For use with Dynojet Optical RPM accessory
Four independent 0-5v analog inputs.
Accessory plug-and-play Dynojet Sensor Kits available for measuring pressure (boost or fuel) and temperature (thermocouple amplifiers).
Analog Sensor Cable Kit also available to connect customer supplied sensors to DWRT.
Four DJ-CAN (Dynojet Controller Area Network) expansion ports
To connect Dynojet performance electronics such as CMD-Automotive, Wide Band 2, Power Commander V, etc.
Six DynoWare expansion ports - (for DWRT dyno accessories)
Two infrared temperature sensor inputs.
PowerCore software suite with WinPEP 8 Dyno Control and Data Analysis included with DynoWare RT.
And So Much More -

We are already embracing these new tools and technology - stay tuned for upcoming news and announcements from the BBK Performance Team.