Shelby Makes Offer
Published 07/31/2015

Shelby America Offers Disapointed Hellcat Owners A Special Deal

As we mentioned in our previous news story Dodge have cancelled around 900 customer orders for the "2015 Hellcat" and forcing disappointed customers to wait until 2016.
Well in response to this announcement Shelby America are trying to snag some of those would be owners with a special "Super Snake Deal".
“You can’t park a voucher in your garage,” says Keith Belair, Shelby American Chief Operating Officer.
Shelby swung for Dodge today by saying it can build its 850 horsepower Super Snake for customers immediately. In return for jumping ship, the Vegas-based tuner will even throw in some Free upgrades worth $3000 that include a free Katzkin custom leather seat cover package.

The 2015 Shelby Mustang is an 850 horsepower Super Snake. Based on a Ford Mustang GT, the Super Snake package adds a big supercharger, some bodywork upgrades and a ton of suspension and exhaust tunings and can really be considered worthy of a "Hellcat Killer".

Cost is around $54,000 but on top of that you’ll need to provide Shelby with a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Even the cheapest GT retails for $32,300, so the bare minimum you’ll snatch a Super Snake for is a tick below $90,000. In all likelihood, you’d likely surpass that mark, and despite both the Charger and Challenger Hellcats receiving substantial dealer markups, that’s still around $20,000 in additional costs.

Question is - How many potential "Hellcat" owners will take them up - We bet there will be a few - Lets See !