GT350 Owners Sue
Published 03/30/17

Mustang GT350 Owners Sue Ford

A class action lawsuit was filed last week by a few 2016 Ford Mustang GT350 owners

The suit alleges that when owners took their 2016 GT350 cars with the "Technology" package to the track they experienced a number of issues within 15 minutes of track time.

What happend was that transmissions and rear differentials overheated to approx 275-285 degrees after 15-20 mins of track time and caused the cars to go into "Limp Mode" which basically limits the cars power to 5000 rpm to prevent any damage. The cars could not be driven until they cooled down and the computer re-set.
(see Video Below)

Owners are upset because Ford advertised and promoted these cars as "track ready" and so the car entering limp mode on track does not support that claim.

Ford even took new 2016 owners to a Ford sponsored track day that gave them driver education along with Ford instructors in their cars on the track.

This could affect an estimated 4000 cars that Ford produced

It appears that Ford have now added differential and transmission coolers to all 2017 standard GT350 models as well as other standard "Track Package" items like a larger rear spoiler , strut tower brace and magnetic shocks all around.

"Shelby GT350 owners sought these vehicles specifically because they appreciate fast cars and the legacy of the Mustang, and wanted to own a piece of racing history -- to live the dream of being able to own a car that could be used for everyday driving and also had the power and performance for the racetrack," Stuart Grossman, founder and partner at of one of the firms representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement released to the press. "What Ford sold them was nothing of the sort"

It seems to us that the 2016 GT350 "Technology Package" owners really do have a issue here.

The owners are currently requesting that Ford offer a monetary restitution for any repair that have been made and offer a recall to fix the issue or offer a buyback.

Ford responded "Ford is committed to providing our customers with top-quality vehicles. However, we do not comment on pending litigation."

Stay tuned for an update on this story soon: