2020 Challenger Charger
Published 06/12/2017

New Dodge Charger, Challenger Redesigns.

The new 2018 Ford Mustang S550 redesign is ready to hit the dealers this fall and the Gen6 Camaro is scheduled for 2019 based on recent spy photos, but when will we see the Chargers and Challengers get a refresh.

The target date for both models should have been for the 2018 calendar year based on the five year strategy announcement made by the Fiat Chrysler Corp in 2014 but we heard changes were made to that in 2015 that pushed redesign out further.

Now we have heard that this refresh has been pushed to the 2020/21 model year because they may possibly adopt the Alfa Romeo Giulia - Giorgio platform for all models.

Quickie updates for the Challenger like the all-wheel drive version have already happened for the 2017 model

Did we mention that the name Barracuda keeps coming up in conversations as well?

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