Mustang Quiet Mode
Published 08/02/2017

2018 Mustang GT Will Have A Good Neighbor Quiet Mode !

Yes you read that right - Ford have devised a way to quieten down the 2018 Mustang GT's American Thunder - with a quiet mode button to keep the neighbors happy.
As Fans of American Muscle cars like the Mustang, Camaro or Dodge Challenger and Charger what makes them so appealing and exciting is the sound they make. The sound of American V8's are intoxicating for most but for some it is a nuisance and annoyance.

So Ford have now decided to add a quiet exhaust mode to the 2018 Ford Mustang GT so we can all stay on good terms with our neighbors and not wake them up every weekend when we leave for a car show or track event.

The updated 2018 Mustang gets an active flow control valve in its new exhaust system that lets the driver switch from Quiet to normal or sport to track modes for less restrictive flow of exhaust gases very similar in fact to BBK's Varitune Mufflers which are manually adjusted with our patented power adjuster valve for sound and exhaust flow.

The Mustang driver can select this quiet mode through the menu system in the instrument cluster using the controllers on the steering wheel.
In addition to the quiet mode, there is also the quiet start setting which defaults the car to starting in quiet mode instead of normal mode so you don’t forget when leaving early in the morning and all of this can be programmed thru the cars ECU.

The system will be available this fall on the 2018 Mustang GT, but for now, Shelby GT350 owners will just have to keep apologizing to their neighbors as there are no plans to add it to that even louder variant of the Mustang.

We are not sure how many owners will use the quiet mode - its sounds good in theory - but after all we all love the sound of a Mustang in the morning especiually when you have installed a BBK performance exhaust system - you want to be heard !